Pizza Review
Hands down the best pizza you’ll find in LA area. Small mom an pop location in the valley but the awards and accolades they proudly display upon walking in speak for themselves. Their pizza is most unique for the unbelievable crust that is cooked to perfection at 786 degrees in their oven, (hence the name), for only 60-90 seconds- *insert Pikachu meme here.* The crust has a doughy, soft texture and taste that will blow you away. All their ingredients are authentic and cooked in front of you and they have several unique flavors of pizza with no option for Parmesan or pepper due to “no need to flavor since they’re made with all the flavor and seasoning needed.” Cheese and especially marinara has a quality taste, but overall the crust is the most impressive facet of all their pizzas. Oh- and just as impressive is the customer service. The best customer service I’ve experienced since moving to LA (this is significant out here). Fucking phenomenal pizza.