Pizza Review
Stopped at 7-Eleven to try their pizza. Although this was a pepperoni slice, it only had two pieces on it, and they were easily distinguishable from the slice itself, and so I don't believe it skews the score at all. I had quite low expectations for this pizza, but I will admit that it did in fact exceed them. For $1.89, it isn't great value, but if you come by yourself and only purchase one, you can get a promotional offer for $1 once per day. I paid the $1.89 since I was with someone else and the slices we got came together, forcing us to pay full price. Nevertheless, the pizza has a dense and somewhat thick crust, and so it has zero flop. It has similar structural integrity to a piece of cardboard, for better or for worse. The sauce and cheese both just tasted acceptable, nothing bad necessarily, but certainly nothing more than just fine. The crust did surprisingly have a soft, almost fluffy, interior despite its thick outside, so that was a plus I would say. The pepperoni was fine, but to put it best, it may as well have not been there, and made very little difference. It was probably the most forgettable pepperoni I have ever eaten, so I guess 7-Eleven gets a medal for that one. Overall, not too bad, especially if you're desperately hungry and you have a buck or two and you don't care to have something better. As a side-note, the location of the 7-Eleven of this review is not the exact one I visited since I cannot select that one, but since it's a chain, there's probably no difference.