Pizza Review
From first glance 99 had a sleek appearance, noticed the sign right off the bat, new exactly where u was, decided to give this pie a review since there was a lot of hype around it... ( I’ll be the judge of that ) neat little place, with a dress code ( no motorcycle gang colors welcome here folks) we ordered a whole Za and watched it get cooked in there stylish 99 brick oven logo custom made coal fire oven. Shouldn’t have got the pep because it left a pond of grease, but the pep was good... waited for it to cool down while i was driving.. went for a piece and instantly became overwhelmed with the flop, had to resort to a newspaper i had in the back seat as a plate to comfort me. First slice went down with ease, solid cheese, a good sauce... but there was that grease. What did i do? Did i ruin the pizza with the pep.. but here i go for another slice, and then another slice! 3 slices down, hands covered in grease as i drive my Jeep with my knees. All in all, i wouldn’t go out of my way for the pizza. But if ur in the area, stop in and try it for yourself. I was also a fan of the garlic on the pizza. That’s a fucking review