Pizza Review
Ha ha ha.... I’m.. back. It’s been a hiatus of over a year but the pizza prince is back to give a below average review of this joint on Lex right next to grand central. Waiting for my train I popped in here to get a cheap slice, and it sure was cheap. The sauce must have taken a vacation from my slice because I barley tasted any of it. The cheese was not memorable and the crunch from the crust was nonexistent. But people... you get what you pay for and this was a 99 cent slice. College Matt at 3am after a night at WT’s would eat 3 slices of this and not complain. But my taste buds have matured. If you’re in a rush to catch a train and starving, a slice from this joint won’t kill you. But if you go out of your way to have a slice from here.. seek help. I’m happy to be back on the reviews.