Pizza Review
So I’ll start off by saying, I’m not normally a deep dish guy. I prefer hand tossed or thin crust. But today, I decided to try something different. We ordered the Meathead pizza from ACME, and it wasn’t bad. Just wasn’t for me. It looked great, and tasted good. The crust was still crispy, even under all the meats, cheeses, and sauce, which caught me off guard. My favorite part was the sauce, it has a nice bold flavor to it. Nice, robust flavor that I couldn’t get enough of. I even took a chunk of tomato off the pizza and ate it alone, that’s how good the sauce is. Everything else was put together nicely, a nice spread of cheese and toppings. Overall, it was enjoyable. However, I’m still not a deep dish fan. I’ll try their hand tossed next time.