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Alright Franky....huge review....Ah-Beetz New Have Style Pizza! I tried coming here last week, and there was a line around the corner. It was after Dave Portnoy's 8.4. This is definitely a representation of New Haven. Crust and undercarriage were on point. I think whoever made this did not make Dave's pizza. Sauce tasted bland, which wasn't horrible. These reviews are just as much about the people as the pizza. The waitress with the nose ring brought this score down. She could have been having a bad day, but after putting the pizza down and walking away, she never came back to see how the pizza was or if I needed anything. After eating 4 slices, I went inside and asked for a box from another waitress and the bill. There is currently one other couple eating its not exactly packed outside. The other waitress with the braids seems great, taking care of her customers, even gave me my bill Lol. 8.1 thats a review. Good pizza, but apparently, you have to fend for yourself haha. Normally I can care less, everyone can have a bad day.

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