Pizza Review
Had some work in/around the Penn campus today and there were a few options... but this spot’s been around for 35-40 years? It’s tough... because I go to so many spots and obviously... I’m no Dave Portnoy and these poor souls pick up a slice that’s been sitting for hours and have no clue what’s about to happen. I will say though... despite the clearly old, sitting slices, I was actually impressed with it to a degree. It was MILES from great... but at least it wasn’t bad. Absolutely zero crisp... seems like I can’t catch a break in the crispy department lately. Overall it was undercooked. Cheese was average, but the sauce left a bit to be desired. You’d think after 40 years they could shed the “college drunk pizza” reputation... but... no. I’d love to get behind the counter and get these guys to leave the damn pies in the oven for 3 more minutes. Oh well. That’s a review.