Pizza Review
Alright Frankie, we are at Al's of Hampton Pizza Boy Brewing company near Harrisburg, Pa. Was told they have some good pizza. This place brews their own beer Frankie which is a plus for me. Strange place but I like the inside. Got a 14" half pepperoni. Little flop, heavy, greasy. One bite everybody knows the rules. Cheese pulled right off Frankie, almost burnt my chin. Jesus Frankie, I can't stand this type of cheese. Has the same texture as Dominoes with hints of Pizza Hut. Not feelin it Frankie. They have tall cans of Poor Boy beer, maybe I should get one. Not good Frankie but luckily for them I'm hungry. We got an order of wings just in case since we're hungry. Frankie worst wings I ever had. Enough about that. 5.1 solid score Frankie.