Pizza Review
Really good thin crispy crust. Good sauce. Great pizza overall

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Pizza Review
I went into this knowing that Al's advertises as Chicago's "thinnest" pizza, and they're not wrong. If not, I would consider this NY style, but cut in squares. Needless to say, it was delicious. Al's is a little spot with a walk-up counter and a few tables to eat in with slices available. I ordered a pizza to go and got the thin crust pepperoni and sausage. It was ready under 30 minutes. The price is better than others in the area by dimension, but that could also be because of the "thinnest" crust. The crust has a smooth textured bottom, but by no means crispy. However, it was cooked perfectly for this type of crust. The entire pizza was covered in toppings and cheese and I did not enjoy one part of the pizza over the other (referencing how some people like crust pieces vs. center pieces). It was very uniform, which is awesome, yet rare in the same. The sauce was a balanced savory blend with little to not sweetness. The sausage was juicey with a natural flavor; not over-seasoned. The pepperoni was on top of the cheese and was just crispy enough to cook out the flavor into the cheese. It was slightly on the greasy and salty side due to the toppings, but it did not bother me one bit. I did find myself folding the squares like a NY triangle slice in order to prevent the toppings from falling off, so I might ask next time for it to be cut in triangles. Otherwise, this was one amazing pizza with tons of flavors. If thin and flimsy if your thing, look no further. Al's is on my return list.