Pizza Review
Partnered with Talula’s of Asbury Park, this is a brewery in what used to be an old movie theater. They serve Detroit style 9x9 sourdough square pies as well as 14x14 “Grandma pizzas.” With just 4 slices, the 9x9 square is more of a personal pie that feels heavy, looks thick but is actually deceptively light & airy, with pillow-soft fluffy dough. Portnoy would call this an “Offensive Linemen Pie,” heavy but light on its feet. The cheese definitely adds the most volume and weight, spilling onto the sides of the square for max coverage. Because this is Detroit style, there is no pie crust since it’s cooked right up against the pan. The overflow of cheese crisps & blackens, acting like a cheesy crust. The dough is very tasty, with a beautifully browned undercarriage, and a fantastic balance of crispy & fluffy. The dough & cheese meld together so well with a buttery flavor that melts in your mouth. In typical Detroit style fashion, the sauce is blotchy & spotty with tomato chunks both on top and below the cheese. Terrifically tangy, somewhat sweet & well-seasoned with substantial spices, the sauce is full of flavor, with a touch of oregano splashed atop the cheese that helps to neutralize some of the sweetness. I haven’t been to the original Talula’s location in Asbury Park, but this pie makes that spot a must-try. All in all, this is outstanding Detroit style pizza, like the original Little Caesars on steroids. This is also an incredibly cool spot, destination-worthy; especially worth eating the pizza on-site for the full experience, particularly if you’re a fan of delicious Detroit style pies.