Pizza Review
Completely blanked on taking a photo of the pizza before devouring it, and this is the only photo I’ve got of the experience, so here we fuckin are! GOOD pizza. Sought this place out with a few friends after seeing the rock hard 8.8 average score the community had awarded it, and the place lived up to it’s expectations. Pizza was light, crispy, and thin with sauce that packed a solid amount of zing and an overall taste profile/ingredient presence that was of extremely high quality throughout. I went with the closest they offered to a cheese pizza, and did the Margherita (would recommend). Friends had a Spicy Salami and the Hannibal Lecter as well (both also very good-would do the Hannibal Lecter if I return, which is highly likely). With all that being said tho, these are the things we collectively agreed on as factors that TOOK AWAY from the pizza’s potentially higher score: 1. Crispiness. We thought that if the pizza had been left in the oven for just a handful of extra minutes, the crispiness would have been absolutely on point. What we were presented WAS crispy-but there was still room for improvement 2. Temperature of the pizza. Upon arrival, my pizza didn’t require a wait before I was able to embark on the first bite. I’m not sure what was going on, but essentially by the end of my lunch, the pizza had turned room temperature. I felt like I was racing against the clock to finish it while it was still warm. Overall, would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for some real deal, 8.0+ pizza in the La Jolla, Ca area. 8.5. Ambrogio15 in La Jolla; that’s a review.