Pizza Review
I took a Little More than One Bite😅 ..but I’d say that justifies my score😁 Ameci has a ‘$12 Large 1-Topping’ Pizza Deal so i went w/ basil as my topping :P The Second you open the box , you get that football style pie that Always Hits. 🤌🏼 Aesthetically Pleasing, as well as Simply Delicious🍃 ZERO complaints on the cheese/sauce ratio , Lg. pie size Perfect for lunch, dinner + Awesome price considering most shops w/ these Quality ingredients charge that for a few slices nowadays. **I Did Not look at the full menu , so Maybe a different, regular priced pie from them is pricey? I’m really not too sure.. but the $13.13 (after tax) Large 1-Topping Deal that they have advertised at the front window? ..Absolute Steal.🤤 PizzaSideNote: at least for me, Every REALLY GOOD pizza I’ve ever had in my 20 years on earth leaves a smell on you for a little bit. ..this one Definitely got a 🅱️rotha smellin like Pizza & You KNOW that’s a W pie ! 😆🍕 Ameci Pizza - Woodland Hills .. EAST! - that’s the review 😋🫳🏼🎤

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