Pizza Review
There’s no reason to jack up the overall score with inflated 10s & high 9s...this is legitimately good pizza. But it’s also a tale of 2 pies. The standard cheese pie (pictured on the bottom) is very good, nice crisp, consistency, solid ingredients, but nothing too special, a very respectable 7.5 among the regular pizzas. The superstar pie here is the “Barstool Margherita.” They should have given this pizza to Portnoy first and kept the family at bay til he was done scoring; there’s no doubt it would have been in the high 8s or low 9s. This pie is one of the best I’ve ever had; and I’ve tried over 200 different places in the last 5 years. Elite level mouth-watering sauce with zip, zing, zest, tang, and sweetness that will rival any Italian grandma’s Sunday gravy (that’s right). The wonderfully fresh mozzarella is beautifully melty with a deliciously creamy ooze, complimenting the outstanding sauce perfectly. The dough is incredibly tasty with a fantastic level of thinness & crisp, topped off by perfectly crisped crust that ranks among the best I’ve ever had. A few light basil clippings adds a little extra pizzazz to a pie already bursting with flavor. Could use just a little more mozzarella; but that’s the only thing holding this back from an even higher score. As it stands this Barstool Margherita is an off-the-charts 9.5! Without a doubt, one of the best pies in New Jersey and in the conversation with some of the best in NYC & New Haven. Averaging out with the standard cheese pie, this joint gets an 8.5 overall, which is a terrific score. But the Barstool Margherita alone is worth making a trip to this little gem in the Garden State.