Pizza Review
There’s a decent amount of hype surrounding this no-nonsense, no frills, nothing fancy, strip mall pizza serving huge New York slices cooked perfectly. With an incredible balance of crispy and soft, it’s about as good as strip mall pizza gets. This is the Queens version of Joe’s Pizza in Manhattan; fairly standard large regular pie but quintessentially delicious. The sauce is sweet and plentiful, bursting with flavor, could use a little more kick but very solid overall. The cheese is exactly how you want standard pizza cheese in both taste and texture, melted perfectly and melds with the sauce in beautiful harmony. The dough is also terrifically tasty, outstanding crispy undercarriage but soft to the bite on top, leading to a crust with similarly great crunch and taste. All in all, this is a super straight fastball right down the pipe, the kind of pizza pie you could eat every day. This is blue collar, put on your work boots and grab your lunch pail pizza that truly makes this place the King of Queens.