Pizza Review
This pains me to write and post. I wanted to love this place so bad, but I can't. I ordered a margherita and diavola pizza. Both were ready on time for pickup, which was good. The margherita was just ok. I felt that the flavor was lacking in the sauce. That could really set it apart, which was unfortunate because the crust is pretty great. It was cooked perfectly in the wood fire oven. The diavola, unfortunately, I could not eat. It has salami on it and when I went to pick up a slice, it oddly wouldn't separate. That's when I noticed the plastic casing on all the salami slices were still attached. As much as I wanted to just take it off and eat it, I didn't feel comfortable knowing it was cooked with plastic. I was hoping it was just one slice, but turned out to be the whole pizza. I called to let them know. At first it was "the salami comes like that." Then "I sliced it myself, it's fine." To "we can replace it if you come back." And finally a voicemail a few minutes later "what's your address? We will send you one." I appreciate the (eventual) customer service though. Well, it wasn't that great anyway. Maybe it was just an off day.