Pizza Review
One of the very true solid cheese slices I’ve had in the DC Metro area. Personally think this city sucks for the cheese slice (and other basic American foods like buffalo wings, but that’s another story). This slice doesn’t get anything wrong, but also nothing particularly pops. Sauce is often either too metallic, salty, or sweet. This sits nicely in the middle, although I’d prefer the pizza to be a little more tomato forward, perhaps with a little more sweet/tang. Crust is fine, was crispy, though could be more flavorful/less flour-y. Cheese is fine, nothing out of this world. For me, this and Duccini’s (surprisingly, for a jumbo slice spot) are the best cheese slices I’ve had in the city, though they’re not particularly outstanding - solid 7 range. The margarita at Wise Guy is excellent but doesn’t count.

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