Pizza Review
Dear god. It truly pains me to do this, because I’ve been getting pizza from Aniello’s throughout my entire life, and everyone there is great, but my last few handfuls of experiences with them have been desultory, as the product seems to get worse each time. Yet again we see a once proud East Haven pizza institution that has fallen by the wayside. It was horrifically doughy, almost comparable to the ratio of a Red Baron frozen pizza, and very salty. I had a plain cheese, with bacon on half. My score is only reflective of the plain cheese, which was salty in its own right, but the bacon was like taking a bite out of a salt block. I understand that bacon is salty by nature, but, I’ve had more than a fair share of it in my life, as well as various other bacon pizza’s, as it’s one of my favorite toppings, and this was to an unimaginable level. Honestly I’d say the 6.7 is still a bit generous. But that’s the review.