Pizza Review
Ok so Anna’s is i side the Galleria 7 Market, so this pizza spot is the same as the other location on the map next to it, so its got more reviews than you think. Now onto the pizza review... This might look ridiculous, but i really loved it. So fresh! Crispy thin wood fired crust, bright zingy tomato sauce that had just the right amount of natural sweetness from the wuality tomatoes, and the cheese was fresh mozz and a delicious fresh mozz at that. Im also a sucker for basil...This was absolutely the best pizza i have had in a long while. All the flavors were perfect. Id love to give it a higher score but in fear of something better someday i will keep it down in the mid 8’s. Probably where i should have scored Cambiotti’s in Jersey but i was new back then. I got over 60 reviews under my belt now so respect it! Im super hyped about this place. I will be back. P.S. they make a “Grandma Pizza” check the one review. That looked good as fuck when it came out the oven. Trying that next.