Pizza Review
This is considered to be some of the best pizza not only in Atlanta and the state of Georgia,but in the entire USA. Based on such rave reviews and lofty scores, I had super high expectations coming in, which is somewhat ironic, considering the South isn’t exactly known for good pizza. Most pizzerias down here are chains or local joints that serve white bread topped with ketchup and melted provolone and call it pizza. Antico was founded by Giovanni DiPalma, who established the Little Italia section in West Atlanta which they say dates back to 1889, but I find that hard to believe. Nonetheless, they specialize in Neapolitan style Margherita pizzas, bigger than personal size, but not quite as large in size as a traditional round football pizza. These pies are roughly 14” and razor thin, almost like a bar pie. The dough is fairly chewy, similar to standard Neapolitan pizza, but substantially crispier; especially the crust, which is packed with crunch and not as soft and chewy as typical Neapolitan crust that gives your jaw a workout. The undercarriage is surprisingly firm, no flop thanks to the crispness and paper thin dough with a nice char and smokey flavor, very tasty on top of the terrific texture. The sauce is incredibly sweet due to the crushed San Marzano tomatoes, bursting with flavor, spiced nice with just enough kick to make up for the lack of coverage atop the pie. I wouldn’t mind a little more sauce to liven the dryer regions of the pizza. The bufala mozzarella is tremendous; fresh splotches mixed in with a shredded blend, creamy in texture, entwined with tight bar pie style cheese, truly delicious. A dusting of sprinkled Parmesan across the top draws out even more flavor from the cheese and assists in neutralizing the sweetness of the sauce. The wilted basil adds a smidge of flavor, while the extra virgin olive oil lubes up the pie perfectly. Make no mistake about it, this is very, very good pizza. Not quite on a New York level, probably a 7.8 in NYC; but considering this is the South, this pie definitely belongs in the 8s. If you’re in Atlanta, this place is certainly worth traveling to; however, I wouldn’t travel to Atlanta solely to try this pizza. But no doubt, this is the best you’ll find in the ATL.