Pizza Review
Low quality cheese, more cheese to sauce than I like but not a bad ratio, watery and not particularly flavorful sauce, I tasted a bit of oregano in one bite, really floppy slice with the crust cooked but only decently well, and I’d say the slices are mediumly thin. Overall, it’s average pizza. It’s not that distinguishable better from a $1 slice or any quick slice joint type pizza anywhere in the Tristate area. 34 years living here and I can say they changed ownership/pizza cooks several times—it used to be better. But this is really just the place you go to if you’re on foot nearby in town or you want pizza and wings and fast food *fast* and cheaper. That’s not to say it’s bad. They’re also cheaper than other spots and good for feeding a bulk of people. But don’t think of them as a spot specializing in Italian American food or as a great pizza spot. And that’s all perfectly fine.

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