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Was driving through CT with my grandfather (a big fan of Dave’s reviews) and we decided to stop by New Haven but the places OneBite had reviewed were a zoo so we decided to continue onwards and eventually got very hungry and stopped here. To Apollo’s credit, the wings were very good and the service was very nice but the pizza itself was probably the worst I’ve ever had from a dedicated pizzeria in the tri state area. Personally I have maybe a bit of a weird taste in Thin-style pizza, liking my pizza a little less crispy/thin than is standard in CT just for frame of reference, but this pizza was incredibly strange and bland regardless. There was almost no “crust” and while I tend to prefer a cheesy pizza, there was almost no taste of sauce on this fresh pie. It just didn’t taste like any sort of pie you’d expect to be served in the tri state area and certainly didn’t live up to even prior “Greek-style” pies I’ve had in the past . I really wanted to like it and came in hungry and am usually very lenient on pizza scores and was still disappointed.

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