Pizza Review
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza at 59 5th Ave in Brooklyn - this location doesn’t serve regular slices after a certain time, this is their rendition of a margherita slice. This slice has a lot of bag appeal, but unfortunately it’s appeal ends with the aesthetic sense. This slice is all over the place, and not in a good way. The crust is actually the stalest we’ve had thus far, and we came a far way to get here - with many poorly made pizzas along the way. This slice shop survives in an that I presume to be recently gentrified as a result of the relatively new Barclay Center - the name, in itself, probably attracts a lot of people who like pesto and arugula on their pizza (to each their own. There’s too much going on with the cheese and the crust is like soggy, stale, cardboard and styrofoam all came together to form a supergroup of disappointment. This is like the pizza that somebody tells you has cauliflower in the crust and expects you to be shocked about it