Pizza Review
(Taste-Margherita) the sauce was a little runny (not a big deal), not a whole lot of flavor, but it tasted quite fresh. The sauce didn’t taste as wholesome as I had hoped. The fresh mozzarella was spot on; it had a slightly buttery flavor. I kind of wish that the basil was added a little later in the cooking process, but that’s just a personal preference. Thin crust: some crunch, slightly chewy, perfect amount of char (had some charred powder from previous pizzas, but I don’t think that it affected the score that much). The taste of the dough was ok, not really memorable, but nice dough experience. Overall, really good pizza. If the slices were bigger, I think that it still wouldn’t have any flop to it. Fancy pizza with a really good bar-pizza taste. Definitely not football pizza. Did not come in a “Artisan Pizza” box, but in a generic one (also not really a big deal). Ordered at 6:50pm and I picked up at 7:05 when the receipt said. I don’t think ~$10 per pizza is worth it. I think ~$8 is a bit more fair. The ingredients taste awesome but it’s a small pizza (If they have bigger ones, I am not aware of them). I also ordered other Pizzas with different toppings like chicken and mushrooms. There wasn’t a whole lot of either chicken or mushroom on the pizza. I can kind of see why: I personally don’t like a crowed pizza, but for $10... I’ll definitely be coming back every now and then. Parker and Hess. 6.2. That’s a review.