Pizza Review
Just like the pizza giants of New Haven, they use an old school coal-fired oven to cook their pies; however, this pizza isn’t close to the legendary New Haven styles. The edges straddle the line of charred and burnt; despite a very firm undercarriage, the dough is a bit spongy. This also appears to be an “upside down” pie with the cheese on the bottom and sauce atop. The quality and quantity of sauce can make or break a pie; providing more color than substance, there is a dearth in quantity. The splotches of sauce do not suffice, as the cheese is very tight and overwhelms the flavor of the sauce, while also rendering the pie arid and dry. The dough might as well be made of sand on this “Sahara pie.” There’s no doubt this pizza looks a lot better than it tastes, but it certainly has potential to improve. Either add more sauce and spread evenly or hide some sauce underneath the cheese. Something as simple as that could bolster the overall score into the 8s and match the cool vibe this joint gives off.