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Pizza Review
Established in 1960, this place used to be called Atlantic Pizza, serving really crappy Greek pies; but they’ve since rebranded and the pizza here now is much better than it used to be 10-15 years ago. Looks like a typical Greek pie, the only difference is I had them cut the slices into triangles instead of standard squares. A circular pie should be divided into triangles; you wanna cut into squares, make a rectangular or square pie. In typical Greek fashion, the dough is soft, somewhat floppy, slightly spongelike, but decently tasty. The crust is rather thin, buttery & crunchy like most Greek pie crust and delightfully delicious. The cheese is a fairly standard Greek blend, thickish and oily with grease excreting from the butter fat in the cheese. The sauce is actually exceptional, stealing the stage from the rest of the pie and making up for the other lackluster ingredients. Scintillatingly spicy, bursting with flavor, the sauce packs quite a punch and kicks like a mule. The spice might spawn from some of the seasoning atop the cheese or a combination of ingredients in the sauce; regardless, the flavor is splendid. Normally I don’t enjoy Greek pizza whatsoever, often calling it an abomination and insult to real pizza; but this is one particularly tasty pie that holds its own. I would love to try this sauce on traditional Italian dough with some fresh mozzarella and see where it goes; unfortunately it’s a component of soft Greek dough and a basic cheese blend. Nonetheless, the sauce saves this pie and its overall score, making this one of the better Greeks pizzas if you enjoy that style.