Pizza Review
Alright fellas I’m back after not posting for awhile. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating pizza this whole time, just means I got other business I’ve had to tend to. With that being said, here’s the review. Bottom line up front, this place is a poser, an impressionist, a con artist, and a Chuckie Cheese without the ball pit. The pizza looks good, but does it have the taste to match it? I don’t think so bud. First of all, the name is Atwood’s… ok whatever. Weird name and I don’t know what you’re trying to market here. Sounds more like a sporting goods store than a pizzeria but that’s a whole another problem. The crust to pie ratio, for a personal sized pizza, not bad, probably right where it should be. Now for the actual crust itself, this is where the pizza probably shines the most but don’t pat yaself on the back too hard now. It’s got that residual flour, good. It’s got that extra charred flavor, good. As you can tell because it’s burnt to bits. The texture though, too doughy. Flavor is good but too doughy for what it should be. The cheese to sauce ratio is too high. The cheese is eh and the sauce shines through every so often but it’s nothing to brag about. Overall, the pizza is deceiving. It looks promising but when you taste it, it tastes mediocre. If you were to close your eyes and try it, you might naturally rate this pizza lower just on its tastes alone. I also got the meatballs here too. I don’t know if I was eating a meatball or a meat sponge but I guess that’s what I deserve for being a grown ass man eating MEAT BALLS by myself in public. To each their own. If I was in town again, I’d probably try this place out again. The cookies are good.