Pizza Review
Note: I ordered a slice not a fresh whole pizza. On a whim, I decided to get a slice here after devouring a small pizza at Baci’s after a 11 hour fast, because it’s only a few minutes away: It did not compare that well. The 2-3 minutes they took to warm the slice probably wasn’t enough, but even then, it was a bland, average slice. More cheese then sauce, not particularly greasy, crust was decent, can’t tell you what the sauce tasted like, wasn’t enough on it that I could tell you how it tasted, nor the cheese either. I would’ve enjoyed it more with garlic and oregano shaken on top. I was disappointed. Anyway, just a preliminary score, as is, but I can’t see giving the pizza more than a low 7 at most on my scale. Or a high 5 or low 6 on the bottom range of my scale. Maybe will come back but this was average.

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