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Baked by Luigi's is my go-to pizzeria since moving to New York City a month and a half ago. It helps that it's right outside my apartment, but the pizza is made with such care and passion it makes me feel at home here away from home. What makes the pizza great is Luigi himself. His charm and kindness is what draws you in first, always chipper and never without a smile. He makes his pizza like he's painting a great landscape, each slice for him is an art. I've talked to him and he says he creates his food because it's a second nature, and he does it for the people. He loves the interactions with customers and he enjoys making them happy. Today I went by and got my two favorite items, the Sicilian and the Classic Pepperoni. The Sicilian is so fluffy and rich in flavor, and the Pepperoni makes my mouth water by its look, and tastes better than you could expect. He is pizza to me. Baked by Luigi's is new, opening earlier this year, so I would highly recommend the wonderful people of this app make their way down to 23rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave to grab a slice, you will not regret it. I would give it a 10/10 but the people here would murder me, so instead I give it a really high yet proper rating for the One Bite scale. P.S. Sorry for the bite of the Sicilian, I forgot to take a photo before biting, but I guess it fits the One Bite brand. Also it’s just too good to not bite before snapping a picture.

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