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Pizza Review
What? 7.2! Bar style ain’t my favorite style, I’m thinking. So right off the bat, take that into your thoughts on my opinion here. But it's good if you like this style. To be clear, it’s not like I *don’t* like it. I just prefer NY style, the "nice" Brooklyn style (Di Fara, Lucali), Neapolitana, New Haven, and other styles over it. But I’m gonna give you an idea here what you might like or dislike about it at the end of the review. First, look at the pictures from this place. Pies are covered in mozzarella edge to the edge, barely a cornicione. Plus there’s burnt cheese on the edges, like with Detroit style pizza. But since this is a crispy, cracker thin like crust, it's not as prominent on this style pie. Crust was literally crack-like. I mean, even in texture, it's all crispy and on the dryer side. Nicely browned undercarriage, not charred. Not chewy or airy. Definitely light though. You get a spider's web of mozzarella on top. Salty cheee, no grease in sight. I got mine straight out the oven and ate it just a few minutes afterward. Sauce is light on this pie, at least on mine. Other pictures I see look saucier. I would've preferred that. I can't even say more than that about the sauce. It's barely there. So why the low score with all these 9s and 10s being thrown around? This style is dry and cracker-like and salty, which makes sense as the whole point is to get you to buy drinks. But I don't like that that much. I like the thinness and lightness of it but I prefer the crust airy and fermented and less crispy and dry. I like more sauce and a flavorful sauce either in the sweetness from crushed San Marzanos or from the seasonings like oregano, basil, or garlic in the sauce. So from all that, if it sounds up your alley, get it. I do have to give it points for the burnt cheese edge to edge and the uniqueness of bar style being sold up here (but down from me) in Sleepy Hollow, compared to all the high 6s and low 7s rated New York style slice joints you can find anywhere up here. By the way, Beekman Ale is a nice date spot with a mix of neighborhood people and out of towners. I also had a slice of the Roasted Vegetable pie, which gave it an extra flavor because of the vegetables but doesn't really alter my score, 7.3 on that. Anyway, I respect and will try more bar style but I'm thinking it's probably not my favorite.