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Pizza Review
🍺LEGENDARY BAR PIE ALERT🍺 💎HIDDEN GEM ALERT💎 😴 SUPER SLEEPER ALERT😴 Call your friends, wake the neighbors, alert the media…this is HALL OF FAME bar pie, first ballot, the stuff legends are made of. They call it thin crust, even though its a pan pizza with no actual crust. It’s a cross between Detroit style with the scrumptiously charred edges and Chicago style cause it’s circular, but in bar pie fashion, not deep dish. Each pie is about 12 inches, personal size, but also shareable and simply sublime. The dough is thin, crispy, no flop, not too well done, just enough char, cooked to perfection. Phenomenal flavor overall…one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever eaten. This pie is a feast for the senses, particularly smell & taste. There’s a garlic flavor that permeates from the sauce and seasoning that creates a taste explosion combined with the spice & tang, tremendous pizzazz and kick. The cheese is super tight, razor thin, with a smokey flavor and light layer of oil that locks in the sharp taste to go along with a perfect ratio to the amount of sauce & dough. If you love bar pies, this is absolutely worth a pilgrimage; they don’t get much better than this. The bar itself is a really quaint tavern that plays up the whole Headless Horseman/Sleepy Hollow theme. Very cool scene…I felt like Brom Bones was gonna walk in and throw back a mug of ale. The town is actually celebrating the bicentennial of the legend this Fall. Portnoy has to get here and see where this ranks among all-time bar pies. This is Hall of Fame worthy, must-try pizza. Get here before the word gets out and it goes from hidden gem to legendary status. 🏆