Pizza Review
You know what this is? This is a blue collar pizza. A working man’s pizza. No bull. Delivery handed the box and it was heavy. I’d 100% pick this up after a long day at work. Eat until I’m sleepy and pass out on the couch. It’s filling. As you can see though, I got a thin crust. This is my second pizza from the Pilsen neighborhood and they’re very similar. Is it a Pilsen thing? No idea. I don’t claim to be a Chicagoan at heart. The cheese slid a little during delivery but no harm. I was able to still pull the slices intact. With that though, holy cheese. Lots of it. The cheese was thicker than the crust, but you could taste it was quality. Crust was cooked well. No crunch, but still solid. You got a doughy finish though after the bite. Sausage was classic. Sauce was savory classic. Pepperoni was pepperoni. You know, just a solid pie. Nothing too apart setting. I had good flavor despite some execution challenges that made it a bit messy. Overall, yeah it’s a good spot for a thiccer thin crust. No real complaints