Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules. It's one thing to be a professional pizza reviewer... It's a completely different thing to make it to the all Star game. When I see high 8's and 9's I literally will run Best Pizza in Williamsburg is known as the joint of Frank Pinello of the Pizza Show on Munchies. He prides himself on old school tradition and simple quality ingredients. Opening up the box can only be compared to when cavemen saw fire for the first time. The pizza might as well of had an image of Jesus in the top of it. I had to take a moment and embrace wtf was about to happen to me. I took one bite and IMMEDIATELY said "Fuck Pizza is ruined for me now". Best Pizza makes their Cheese DAILY. Their sauce is pure San Marzano with olive oil and salt and they use 00 flour straight off the boat like my immigrant grandmother. Everything comes together perfectly with an AMAZING balance between the acid of the sauce, creaminess of the cheese and the component which can only be described as Tommy in the fourth with 3 minutes left THE CRUST! Usually I try and add some flare to jazz up these reviews but I'm speechless like a Rookie who just got drafted in the first round. You run for this pizza! That's a review!