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Pizza Review
Extreme pedigree alert - is this highest honors in Brooklyn or USA? Circle slice - not even close Square - absolutely spectacular, but not in conversation for highest honors anywhere, including Brooklyn. Primary focus will be circle, which is the app score. Circle first: Cheese - very neutral, no tang. Delicious, but due to other components, simply not enough taste to propel into top tier. Excellent chew. In the end, good but not compelling enough Sauce- extremely neutral. Hard pressed to find sweet or spice. Dough - pretty solid. Good taste and nice crunch. Not world class however. Overall - remarkably plain taste. Solid, but pretty boring. Execution - baking is excellent, taste is weak. Ratio - too little sauce By the way, circle is greasy Solid, but not travel worthy If this circle slice was a Philly athlete it would be Ron Reed. Ives once said, “Although I’m never happy with any composition, it gives me hope that I’ve done something well when the audience cheers with vigor.” Bonus square score 8.5 ! Sauce is a bit chunky, which is not my style but works magnificently here….a tad sweet and utterly magical in the way the pure essence of tomato breaks through with virtually no spice. Spectacular! Dough is incredible. Taste and crunch perfect. Cheese is subtle and fresh. Square is so absolutely travel worthy. Don’t hesitate to walk and knock down the old , young, or feeble. Or drive, double park, and hold up traffic for miles. Do what you have to do, and do it quick. Never feed square to a Giants fan. Their low IQ taste buds will reject this and possibly cause blood clots, brain fog and/or strokes