Pizza Review
😴SLEEPER ALERT😴 While I’m not a fan of the name of this joint (googling Best Pizza is confusing AF when you’re trying to find this place), they do make a pretty terrific pie. Very similar to some of Brooklyn’s finest pizzerias, they use fresh basil to enhance the flavor of the sauce and class up the pie. The sauce has lots of pizzazz: a fantastic combination of tangy and sweet with plenty zip. The dough is fairly thin, very tasty and decently crispy. The crust has excellent crisp, one of the best parts of the pie. While the cheese is delicious and has fabulous texture, I could definitely use a little bit more of it. Add a little more cheese & crisp up the dough as well and we’re talking about a pizza in the 9s. Even though this spot isn’t mentioned with the “Big Time” Brooklyn pizzerias, don’t sleep on this joint.