Pizza Review
I had really high hopes for this slice but I was let down . By no means is this a bad slice but it was not an exceptional one in my opinion .

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Pizza Review
This is the first time I questioned whether Dave’s scoring is ever rigged or bought out. There is no possible way he received the same pizza I did and gave it anything over a 6.0. I’ve been looking forward to visiting Best Pizza for years now. I finally was in Williamsburg and gave it a try. When I say that this was the worst slice of pizza I’ve had, I’m not exaggerating or trying to be rude. They should rebrand to Mediocre at Best Pizza if this is the product they consistently put out. And I love Frank Pinello’s work and respect him a lot! However, it was almost impressive how little flavor this slice had. Elio’s frozen pizza would’ve been better. The slice was tiny, the crust was bland with no real texture or chew. The sauce and cheese were there but it didn’t taste like they were. And to add to the disappointment, the staff wasn’t attentive or welcoming. I walked up to the counter, and all 4 staff behind the counter looked at me so I thought that was my cue and ordered two slices. Then they mumbled something in Spanish and went on doing other things for 5+ mins until they asked again what I wanted. There was no one else in line so it was an awkward experience. (No disrespect to Spanish speaking staff) but saying ‘one moment’ would’ve at least made me less confused. I love the the look of Best Pizza’s storefront and the old school interior aesthetic. I’m all for Brooklyn grit, but it just felt dusty and unclean which says a lot considering how dark it was inside. Sorry Frank, I’ve watched almost everything of yours on YouTube and know you’re a pizza aficionado and a class act. But this was shockingly bad. Maybe I’ll try another time in the future and find out that it was just a fluke this time. I originally was going to score this a 3.0 and that’s what it deserves, but will give it a 4.5 to be a little more kind 😅. If you’re gonna open multiple locations, you need to be visiting them regularly, making sure the standard remains high and the food, consistent. No one should be paying $4 a slice for this. Maybe it was the cute goats that clouded Dave’s judgment or I just got very unlucky w my slice that day. 🤷‍♀️