Pizza Review
This is my go to pizza spot. The owner is legit New Yorker and knows pizza. When I order from grub hub it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it shows up all mangled and that’s not this spots fault. I would rate this pizza in the high 8s but that’s when comparing it to the shit that is Midwest pizza. Stand alone it is still the most solid pie in the area. I wish the crust was a little crispier and can come across as “doughy” sometimes. The cheese is delicious and the sauce has good seasoning and tangy tomato pep. What keeps this out of the 8s for me is strictly preference. It just ain’t good leftover so make sure you eat it all in one sitting! It shouldn’t be hard with how good it is. I highly recommend this place for dinner for your family or grab a couple for the game on Sunday for you and your friends.