Pizza Review
One of the better NY slices I’ve had so far in Chicago. Big flop wasn’t a huge fan of the dough.

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Pizza Review
This is what I've been looking for in Chicago; something that resembles a NY style slice without tainting its reputation. You probably see Big G's and instantly compare it to Dimo's (see past review) for its various toppings and strange combos. No denying it, they got them here, too. However, I ordered delivery and got my staple: pepperoni and sausage, and found this place to blow Dimo's out of the water. Where NY style pizza lacks in thickness and well... filling me up, makes up for in flavor. Big G's makes it happen. These slices are made for folding and have some of the best thin crust cooked perfectly, without being soggy from the toppings. Did I mention the crust here is really good? I just had to emphasize that. Anyway, as I mentioned, flavor flavor flavor. There isn't a lot of sauce and there isn't a lot of cheese, but no worries, that is how it is supposed to be.The sauce is incredibly smooth, but not watery, with a savory kick and enough salt and seasonings to give it its taste. The cheese isn't stretchy or stringy, but makes for a clean bite. There is no mess here. No toppings or cheese falling off. The mild sausage is sliced (not crumbled) and the pepperoni has a traditional salt and spicy flavor. Keep in mind too that you don't feel guilty after eating two slices here. It tricks your mind into thinking you're full, versus eating two slices of deep dish and pretty much surrendering your day to naps. Maybe that is just me. If you get a chance to run in and grab a foldable slice, or get some delivery, highly recommend Big G's!