Pizza Review
I was really excited for this pizzar after seeing the reviews. First impression: really good looking pie. I live literally 3 minutes away and drove right home. I carried it out. While I was waiting the pizza slinger kept counting down the minutes til my pie was done which concerned me because I knew he would end up rushing it. The first slice was a sloppy mess, the second (pictured) held up better but none of the slices have any crisp at all. Sure, the crust is crispy, but the rest of the pie is limp, chewy, and the dough flavorless. Total let down. Even perfectly cooked this pie wouldn’t be better than a 5.4. I paid 14 dollars for this 14 inch pizza. Kind of a rip off. At least season your dough and get the cook right. I feel like I just got punked or something. Add one more shitty pie to the list of shitty pies in Venice. May as well order from papa johns at this rate.