Pizza Review
I spent a long time deciding a good review for Blaze Pizza at 1601 E College Ave Bloomington IL, 61704 but I finally concluded with a 5.9. This may seem like a bad score but with much consideration I think this is a very accurate rating for the pie. Personally I enjoy oven roasted pizza it gives it a perfectly crispy finished crust but there wasn’t much of it. The ability to choose your toppings is a bonus but can also be hindering to those who suck at making decisions. The overall taste of the pizza was good but not excellent. The ambiance of the restaurant gives the pizza a better flavor. The building is a industrial modern style, there are lots of seating options and plenty of windows to look out of. The ultimate reason my score dropped from a 6 to a 5.9 would have to be my company as I dined at this fine establishment. Though he is what some might say easy on the eyes he did not offer much conversation or entertainment as I ate which made the pizza slightly bland. This is why I must give Blaze Pizza a 5.9. Thank you.