Pizza Review
Good looking and good tasting pie. Finally I found a parking space near enough to stop in .. very busy area and parking is hard to find. It was so nice to see the variety of their specialties. It’s no surprise that margarita jumped out to me. The cherry tomatoes were cut in half and was so nice and tender the crust very tasty and sauce and cheese was just the right amount and you can taste the Quality of the Ingredients that they use. I normally don’t get pizza by the slice but this time I had no choice I was by myself and I couldn’t eat a whole pie So I went with a slice. Thin square pizza with little flop and krunchy Krust. A downfall is it’s quite expensive… $5.95 for a slice… And around $40 for a pie… The South Beach location brings up the prices I’m sure I will go back there again if I’m in the area or after I win the lottery I’ll get a whole damn pie.