Pizza Review
Alright Frankie, At the corner of HWY 395 & Clear Creek Rd at Bodines Casino. Ordered a small margherita & large BBQ chicken pizza. One bite, you know the rules. I’ll start with the margherita. Due to the size of the pizza / slice, can’t really give a “fair” flop rating (not much). Decently covered with cheese, fresh tomatoes & basil. Dough has a slight crunch & in no way is doughy. I give it a 6.9 Now the bbq chicken.: good amount of flop but there’s also a decent amount of sauce, cheese , basil , onion & red peppers on the slice (kinda skimpy on the chicken). Mild tang to the sauce and the dough isn’t doughy but also not a lot of crunch too it. I give it a 6.8. Living here in Carson for 35 years, I’d have to say this pizza is in the top 5 if not 3 in town.