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Pizza Review
Alright, first off went in here for a quick lunch, so I ordered two slices, wound up getting half a pie and charged double what I thought I would cause apparently "a slice" here is the size of two normal ones...they then cut the "slice" in half so it's more manageable (or two slices really) but whatever I wound up with half a pizza. I ordered the classic "plain" slice and the girl looked at me like I was weird so I remembered it isn't a New York pizzeria so I clarified a "cheese" slice which is confusing because plain slices have cheese so am I getting extra cheese? Or would a plain slice here be just sauce? I don't know. I get the slices home and come to find out that they stacked the 2 (4) slices on top of each other separated by a plate which meant my bottom slice ironically became a cheeseless or I guess in this case plain slice because it was all on the bottom of the plate. The pizza itself leaves a lot to be desired, it's actually not a terrible slice for Hawaii. But that's it really, it's above average on this island but compared real pizza it's below average. The crust is too doughy, and the sauce just lacks flavor, it tastes like just plain tomato sauce from a can. I can't even agree with their advertisement that they have "huge" slices because you really are just paying for 2 normal sized slices. I don't know who started the "Boston style pizza" tend on this island but I find it amusing there's quite a few pizzerias advertising that and yet only one that advertising"New York style." Boston Pizza ain't bad but last I checked, New York pizza is king.