Pizza Review
Final day of my Connecticut pizza run. Was in Stamford, then Stratford/Bridgeport/Fairfield. I've been driving my friend out here. Got this pie right after they opened…great stuff here. First, it was a rustic looking pie. I have pics of the full pie, which was misshapen. But it's to such a point I think your average person would think it looked *bad*. And I think that's a thing with New Haven style apizza: The char and rusticness that Pizzaholics appreciate about it, the average person may not. But on to the apizza… So the crust was charred just as much as I like it. It's like a pita almost, as thin as Lucali, light, and yet not crunchy cracker-like that I don't like about bar pie style crust. It's a great crust, if that's up your alley. It's one of the great ways to do this crust. This had no puffy cornicione. I feel like some people use “tangy” as if that's the only descriptor or thing to look for in the taste of a sauce. That said, it's the perfect word to describe the taste here. Sauce don't need garlic, oregano, basil, or even salt (in some cases) if the natural flavor of the tomatoes are good. I doubt this sauce has any of that besides salt, maybe. That speaks well of it. Mozz, light amount of mozzarella. The cheese to sauce ratio is well balanced and up my alley. I think anyone on a hungry day could down a small pie.Really a great pie all around. If you're from out of state, it should be on your list if you're in the area. I almost went to Salerno’s Apizza initially but they were on vacation. This is definitely a young under 40, Brewery type vibe as opposed to old school Italian vibe of Salerno’s Appiza in Stratford. If you're from this area though, this is just *one* of the best spots for pizza nearby from your options of bar pie, Greek, New York style, a couple other apizza spots, and New Haven is only 30 minutes away.