Pizza Review
Trying this place out for the first time on the yelp all the pictures of the pizza looked really enticing so coming in here I came in with very high expectations we ordered a large Ron Swanson pizza may I add it’s brick oven pizza so that alone raises the bar we get our pizza and we begin to indulge our taste pallet with this savory looking pizza ok let’s get to the nitty and gritty on the outside view appearance the pizza looked like it was going to be very crispy which was not the case pizza was a bit doughy and slightly under cooked few more minutes in the oven would of been perfect also pizza was a bit oily sauce was very robust good flavor but missing a bit of tang good amount of cheese toppings were ok for the size of the pizza overall the pizza is very good will come back to do another review but definitely asking for the pizza to be more well cooked overall thumbs up 👍

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