Pizza Review
All right everybody it’s pizza review time! This is my #90th review on the One Bite app! This comes with a bonus review on their square pie too! Broadway Joe’s was in full Saturday afternoon jam mode today! Holy cow, at least 7 pizzas in the oven, 3 or 4 guys on that, a girl boxing them up as they came out. A woman at the register, drivers hustling pizzas out the door and a main guy expediting the whole operation. Jamming! Well the thin round slice, actually both, were huge! The thin round needed two paper plates for size, the square needed two for weight! They were both really good, the huge big round slice did everything right, cheese, good sauce, firm, no flop, okay on crisp. The square was really nice dough, good crust, sauce had a little oregano, little kick, little spice. Very good, not even super heavy either. The gold standard round pie slice gets 7.6, very good, the big fatty, square, Sicilian? I don’t know, gets a 7.5, very good as well. That’s a review. #90revuews (I’ve done about 15 more reviews on the One Bite app where the shop, restaurant, pizza joint can’t be reviewed on the app)