Ok so i rated this place an 8.4 last time, and i have told everyone that this was the best pizza that i have had outside of a couple great spots in Long Island and Jersey... well i went back for tound 2 tonight. I thought maybe the first pizza was a fluke, like maybe my first pizza was made to their very best ability, and was at the top of their pie making spectrum, but i was wrong. Tonight i got a pizza that almost blew my dick off. It was that good. 115 or so odd reviews and im going to say it people... for a plain cheese pie, this is my favorite out of all that i have had. I’ve never had Sallys in New Haven or Johns of Bleeker in NYC, so i left some room at an 8.9 in case they end up being better than this, but this should be in the 9’s for me. The ratios of everything was great. The sauce was slightly sweet, but very fresh tasting. The cheese had just enough salt content, wasnt rubbery, and was cooked to perfection. The dough...omg the dough, where do i start? It was very light. The kind of pizza you could eat 6 slices of and not feel like garbage. It had lots of alveoli (bubbles in the dough) throughout the pie, yet it stayed thin. It had a very nice crackly crispy bottom with just a touch of charring from the woodfired brickoven. It had bounce to the outer crust that was perfectly chewy but not tough chewy. If i had to criticize this pizza, i would say a pinch less oregano in the sauce...maybe? Nah, fuck that! Just keep it the way it is. I went back in after i ate and i thanked the owner. I told him that i have eaten pizza from all over Long Island, New York, Albany, Jersey, literally everywhere, and his was my favorite. Please give this place a shot, you wont be sorry.