Pizza Review
Ok Quarentine review time indoor dining upgrade style.... Here at Brooklyn Square in Jackson, NJ.... first time being able to eat inside in New Jersey in months. Was excited for this one. I have to admit though they got my balls twisted when I sat down and ordered a pie and the waitress told me that normally under these circumstances you can’t sit down in the restaurant to order a pie. It’s a goddamn pizzeria I’m not here to order filet of Sole!?? COVID or not, you got a customer in your business order in food you don’t tell them they can’t sit here because they’re ordering a pie. Their excuse was that they forgot to tell me in the beginning and since it was slow it was OK. Not cool but I’m gonna try not to let it affect your review... as far as the slice it’s not L and B but they tried pretty damn hard. The sauce was definitely different than L&B but still had a nice flavor the cheese was pretty good as well. Nice crispy crust with a fluffy inside also a little different than L&B but still good as well...8.8 that’s the review