Pizza Review
Ahh Buddy’’s I’ve missed you. This was a staple back when I inhibited the D. I was never completely enamored by the “Detroit Style” but I was never disappointed in a Buddy’s pizza. I think I had a 7.9 in my head before I even placed my order, though I did give careful consideration of my score especially since there are so many high 8 reviews. I just don’t think I could give a pan style pizza anything in the 8’s, that’s personal opinion though. That being said, one can’t go wrong with Buddy’s, it’s a really good “square pan style” pizza. Though it looks thick and heavy, it’s really quite light and airy, with a buttery flavor crust. The middle is a bit spongy but the edges have a lovely crunchy texture. The cheese and sauce are both quite nice, tangy sauce and fresh tasting cheese. No complaints, this is a very good pie.