Pizza Review
One bite, the golden slice. The crust left a solid amount of powder on my phalanges but not too much char on the underside. Really solid orgasmic crunch on the crust which sealed the deal for being the best slice I’ve eaten to date. Cheese was on the medium side but with a solid moist aspect. Very flavorful. Sauce had a very nice tang to it but not too exaggerated. Medium New York flop when lifted from the cardboard. 9.1 for the golden slice, making it the best slice/score in my book. As for the meat lovers, we’re talking 4 types of meat people. FOUR! Canadian bacon, sausage, meatball, and regular bacon. All four meats were thoroughly cooked to the point where you can eat each by itself. Cheese on the meat lovers slice was not really noticeable when munching down on the slice but that’s normal for a meat lovers slice of this caliber. 8.7 for the meat lover. That’s a review. One bite.