Pizza Review
This review is a special one for me, because the Utica Buscemis has been in my life since I was a little kid. Some of my best pizza memories come from this place. So today, at long last, I am going to review my favorite pizza by them. The Utica Buscemis Original Square Pizza “with everything!” I humbly feel that the Utica location, near Hall road and Van Dyke, makes it the best. Now, this amazing pizza might not be in line with the protocol of the El Presidente reviews, ie plain cheese pizza, but what it is is truly a masterpiece of fresh ingredients, flavors, crunch, pizza bliss, and so much more. So here’s to the honor of being the first person to review this Michigan pizza institution! Utica’s my town, it’s my favorite pizza, its 9.1 pizza bliss........that’s a review!